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Case study: Phillip Leverhulme Equine Hospital

February 6, 2020

In February of 2019 Daray were contacted by Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery David Stack and asked if we would be able to replace the aging halogen theatre lights in the Equine Orthopaedic Theatre at Phillip Leverhulme Equine hospital, part of Liverpool University.

Replacing lights in a working operating theatre is never straightforward, either in animal practices or our more usual customers – the NHS. This is

largely because they are busy places and are usually being put to good use saving lives. As this was not a new installation we needed to visit the site and ascertain exactly what was to be replaced and discover how the replacement Daray lights would be installed. We always need to be 100% sure that ceiling mounting points are secure and capable of carrying the load, and that electrical supplies are suitable.

David and his team had decided that LED was the only option and a camera would be useful to record the surgeries for teaching purposes. Adjustable colour temperature, although useful was not essential in this case which led to the perfect choice of the Daray S470. The intended use at an equine hospital meant that the usual double head option did not provide enough distance between the lights so two single heads further apart was required with one of them incorporating an HD camera.

As with all of installations of ceiling lights, we require a switched fuse spur to be in place before we can install, this is to protect both the lights themselves and the integrity of the building circuit. One of the university estate team was on hand to provide this for us and we could then arrange installation.

The Daray installation team carried out the installation of both ceiling lights in a single day leaving the theatre complete and ready for use the following day. We removed the old lights from the site and recycled them. Theatre downtime was minimal enabling the equine vet team to continue their work as soon as possible.

The camera was to be connected by the University estates and media team allowing the surgeries carried out under the Daray S470 to be used for teaching the next generation of specialist equine surgeons.

“The installation was spot on, and we would recommend Daray in the future.”

Jane Devaney – Head Nurse