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Daray Dental – A short history

March 15, 2018

Daray Ltd have been producing lights for Dentists in the UK since the seventies and our most famous light, the Bilite, since 1981. The Bilite, with its halogen bulbs and twin reflectors are as synonymous with the 80’s as a well-known robot from a popular 1985 movie. Most people in the UK, at some point have had a Bilite pointed at them during a dental checkup.

Needless to say, both dentistry and Daray have come on a lot since the turn of the century. Developing new lights and making a light brighter is traditionally done by increasing the wattage, which in turn has always had two major downfalls, heat and cost. But the advent of LED curing lights and perfecting the manufacture of larger LEDs for use in Surgery lights have literally changed the world.

 Super bright LED fixtures over 100,000 lux are commonplace, a figure practically unachievable with halogen filament bulbs. LED lights give off little or no heat, which makes being under the light, either as a surgeon or patient, a much more pleasant place to be. Historically, of course electricity was cheap and the cost of running a lightbulb was rarely, if ever talked about. Now we know differently, LED lights have appeared in our homes and an 8 watt LED will use substantially less power than a 75 watt bulb, and that power saving means real cash saved and bottom line expenses lowered. Not forgetting of course, much less impact on the environment.

The entire range of Daray lights are now LED and with a heavy heart the Bilite was discontinued a couple of years ago, leaving a legacy in over a million dental practices worldwide. Naturally, we have a range of LED dental lights to replace the old halogen lights, some available as upgrade kits which can utilise existing mounts and available in every conceivable mounting option.


The three LED dental options are the Ultra, Excel and the Diamond. Utilising the latest in LED technology our new product range has been developed to perform to the highest standards expected within modern dentistry. We have taken feedback from many years of supplying practices and each of these lights feature autoclavable handles, dual touch-free controls as standard and a rectangular light patch. Our latest dental arm system also incorporates triple axis rotation to get the right light in the right location easily and quickly with very low maintenance.

Dental surgeries have changed themselves too, it’s not just counting teeth and a sticker any more. Many Dental surgeries now offer cosmetic treatments, whitening, dermal fillers, implants and a myriad of other new techniques. This has led to a need for more versatile lights in a practice, and in some cases a separate room for types of cosmetic surgery.

Many practices have chosen to buy a minor surgery light to assist in these new treatments as not every treatment can be carried out in a dental chair. Daray has a few to choose from, but the most popular in a dental practice is overwhelmingly the SL430.

The SL430 is one of the most versatile and lightweight lights that we do, popular in every medical profession, a simple 3 button operation and multiple shadow-free LEDs offering 90,0

00 lux performance for flawless light. Mountable on the ceiling, wall or even on wheels, maximising the capability of the light.

Daray was established 50 years ago this year and we have seen a lot of changes both in the customers that we deal with and in the design techniques we use. I’m sure that the engineers of years gone by would not recognise a CAD system or a BIM object, but may recognise some of the tools and equipment we still use. UK manufacturing is quite rare these days and we can only hope that there is still a need for superb quality and fantastic service to dental surgeons and engineers for the next 50 years.