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Working together in Export

January 11, 2018

Export sales are tricky, particularly when English is not a first language, which is why a worldwide network of distributors is important to us here at DARAY ltd.

DARAY® have been an innovator in Medical Lighting solutions for almost half a century. Our products, designed specifically for the Medical, Dental and Veterinary markets, feature our environmentally-friendly LED technology and are made with decades of experience within clinical environments.

We have just had some feedback from one of our distributors from Vietnam, and they have recently installed a Daray SL470/450 in the Military Radiation and Oncology Hospital, Hanoi.

We have a fabulous relationship with our distributor and his team, they have an impressive list of potential clients including hospitals and surgeries across Vietnam.

We have established a reputation for quality products, responsive Export sales and customer service departments, and a flexible approach to the design of our products. This has, for example, enabled our distributors to request changes to the design specifications where such modifications would suit their local market better—meaning a better business for both DARAY and our Business Partners.

Building relationships across the world is hard, which is why our dedicated export team headed by Yvonne and Rachael are so valued. Typically Yvonne works with distributors on the tender process and helps with project specification.


Very few of our distributors can call themselves experts in medical lighting,but do know their markets, clients and customs. When our distributor knew that he would be specifying a hospital, he got in touch with Yvonne and together they found the best medical lighting solution for his client. And I think that you will agree, a job well done with some great feedback from our distributor.

“Thank you for your kind supports.We had finished the installation for our system last week. Please take a look the photo that taken in the Military Radiation and Oncology Hospital (Ministry of Defence), Hanoi, Vietnam (model SL470/450LC).It’s very meaningful for 1st step building up the deep relationship between our partner and M.o.D for Daray brand name.The Hospital’s Officer was appreciated highly Daray’s light quality and its presence, design. Hope to get more orders from here after impressive references.”


Top tips for working with export distributors

  1. Prospect – new distributors turn up all the time, in parts of the world perhaps not considered before. Prospecting new and even old clients is sometimes thankless, but occasionally you can unearth a diamond.
  2. Help – Distributors are rarely experts in your products, you are. If a distributor contacts you for a quote, find out what or where they want it for, will your experience enable them to specify a better product for their clients needs?
  3. Feedback – Feedback works both ways, answer every email and call, common courtesy maybe, but all too often can easily be overlooked. if you supply good feedback you may get some back from the other end, maybe with photos that you can use in a Linkedin article …..
  4. Action – Do what you say you are going to do, if they ask something that may seem perfectly obvious to you, answer it clearly and promptly, with as much information as possible. Supply quotes in good time, find out about shipping and any export nuances for a particular country. The very last thing you want is for the distributor to place an order and then be slapped with more charges that could have been foreseen.