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Innovative new products from DARAY

October 2, 2017

The need for constant innovation and product development is a fact of life in technology companies and medical lighting specialist DARAY Medical is no exception to the rule. This year, we have expanded our portfolio to include several new products in an effort to provide lighting types for all potential clinical applications.

We are pleased to introduce the following:

X700 Range

Daray’s X700 range of lights is our most feature packed and versatile LED light.

Yes, we have listened to customer feedback and then with ongoing needs of medical institutions requiring best value and performance, we have developed the X700.

Our newest light has one-handed intensity control, colour temperature change and a removable sterilisable handle. It features a high powered beam that could be used for minor surgical through to general examination use. The range includes a vast array of mounting options and with our bespoke manufacturing facility, this light will exceed all of your needs today and tomorrow.

Its versatility means one light can be used in a multitude of environments. It is designed with LED Lamps to provide long life, low running costs and reduced total cost of ownership over its lifetime. Along with ease of use and two mounting styles we have a product for everyone.


The SP150 Mobile Focusable Examination light is unlike any other within our range. The long-life LED light source provides owners with greatly reduced energy and maintenance costs, as well as a better clarity of light patch. The unique feature of a focusable beam controlled directly from the light head makes for ease of use, as well as all-important infection control – eliminating the need to touch other parts of the light. The narrow pinpoint beam is designed with ENT use in mind, excellent for viewing cavities and widening to a normal beam for general examination use.

The intensity control is located on a control panel at the base of the neck with a bright, illuminated LED display. The light’s flexibility is extended via the mobile castor base and 5-metre high-visibility cable enabling you to move the light between rooms or to the optimum position during patient exam. The 5-braked castor base ensures 100% stability during procedures.

SP1000 Range

We have made major improvements to our head light range, and we are proud to launch two new LED models, which form the SP1000 Range. With two options available; 5W (SP1000) and 10W (SP1100), these are designed with both examination and surgical use in mind. A powerful, uniform beam with a bright white colour temperature is proven to increase visual acuity and reduce eye strain.

Within the design, we have incorporated a fully adjustable head band coupled with a leather sweatband to ensure comfortability and to eradicate slippage. Loupe accessories are also available, and in a range of magnification strengths and focal lengths suited for a whole host of different procedures.

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