October 30, 2013

Leading manufacturer of energy efficient medical and veterinary lighting, Daray Ltd, has donated one of its high-quality microscopes to Mission Rabies, a charity which aims to tackle the increasing number of children contracting the disease in India.

Over just 30 days, Mission Rabies, which is in partnership with the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) and Dogs Trust, will travel to 10 rabies hotspots in India and aim to vaccinate 50,000 dogs against the disease in September 2013.

Luke Gamble with Mission Rabies truck

Luke Gamble with Mission Rabies truck

Daray has donated a Vision 650 LCD-display digital biological microscope to be used in the charity’s all-terrain mobile veterinary surgery, which will be traveling the country during the 30-day trip. The surgery vehicle is totally self-sufficient and capable of reaching any field location. As well as providing living and sleeping quarters for the team of three, it is capable of housing small-scale operations, training and outreach campaigns.

Phillip Wright, managing director of Daray Ltd, commented: “With more people in India dying of rabies than any other country in the world, Mission Rabies’ work is absolutely crucial to tackling the issue at its root cause. On average 24 people a day die of the disease and post-bite immunisation costs the country $25 billion a year, so making a concerted effort to eradicate the disease is a high priority.”

Phillip continues: “High-quality microscopes are integral for examining and, ultimately, understanding bacterial samples – especially those which can be as devastating as rabies. Ensuring the highest standard of equipment is available to those who need it is central to Daray’s philosophy. Hopefully providing Mission Rabies with one of our Vision 650 microscopes will help them achieve their admirable goal and result in the decline of this terrible disease.”

Vision 650 Digital Microscope

Vision 650 Digital Microscope

Luke Gamble, who will be leading the Mission Rabies project, added: “Daray’s Vision 650 is an incredible microscope and a fantastic donation that will provide a unique training resource to our Indian colleagues. The ability to link images to an external screen will give our mobile clinic a unique capacity for educating in a gripping and interactive way.


“Being able to demonstrate what causes some of the common skin conditions will also give us a phenomenal advantage in explaining how to treat, manage and most importantly, prevent these often neglected diseases. I was amazed by Daray’s donation and I would like to personally thank the company very much.”

Daray’s Vision 650 incorporates a 10x wide visual field optic lens which offers high-resolution imaging and enables observers wearing glasses to easily view samples.

The microscope also uses a 5.0 megapixel camera with video playback; an 8.0 inch TFT LCD screen; and an adjustable 3W LED light-source. Anti-astigmatism, chromatic aberration and anti-mildew protection are applied to all optical components, making the Vision 650 ideal for use in both medical and veterinary diagnosis.

Mission Rabies Truck

Mission Rabies Truck

Aside from the initial visit on September 2013, the charity plans to make annual visits to India each September, to coincide with World Rabies Day, with a view of vaccinating two million dogs over the next three years.

Daray designs and manufactures products at its factory in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, which is strictly regulated by ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality standards.

For more information on Mission Rabies’ work in India, please visit www.missionrabies.com.

For further information on the Vision 650 microscope please phone 0800 804 8384 or visit www.daray.co.uk.