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July 11, 2013

about-darayThe need for constant innovation and product development is a fact of life in technology companies and medical lighting specialist DARAY Medical is no exception to the rule. The company is based in Moira in Derbyshire and has been in operation since 1968, supplying to the medical, dental and veterinary markets. Lighting technology has seen many changes since 1968, the most recent for DARAY being the launch of its NviroLED range of products in 2010. This latest generation LED technology assists in the reduction of carbon emissions as well as providing a high quality and energy efficient light. DARAY has also developed an antimicrobial coating called BioProtect™ to assist in the management of infection control. Products range from small diagnostic pen lights, through patient bed head lights and examination lights, to major operating theatre lighting units.

The LED lighting has been a significant success for DARAY, being widely specified in new build hospitals and medical centres throughout the UK and driving an expansion of the export side of the business, so that over the past two years export growth has been 140% year on year. Fast growing markets include Africa, in particular Nigeria and Zambia, and South East Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. LED Examination lights have proved to be particularly popular, with good demand for standard LED examination lights and, in areas with less reliable electricity supplies, for LED mobile examination lights with battery backup. The company is also seeing a general increase in European demand and DARAY operating theatre lights are being specified in tenders across Asia, particularly in Pakistan.

about-daray2The company’s ambition is to build on these advances, providing bespoke solutions as well as standard products. It is the focus on product, service and quality that Managing Director Phillip Wright believes will enable DARAY to secure a position in coming years as the number one brand in the medical lighting marketplace.